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A Wisconsin Experience Seminar: Fall 2011 Counseling Psychology 125 Kelli Keclik | 2219 College Library | kkeclik@library.wisc.edu | 265-5697 Office hours are held on Thursdays from 3-5pm, but meetings may also be arranged via email. I hope you will visit during my office hours. You don’t have to have a problem to visit; this is a chance to discuss the course, assignments, or whatever else you’d like to discuss. If you need individual accommodations to meet course objectives because of a documented disability, please make an appointment with me to discuss your needs as soon as possible so that we can ensure your full participation in class and fair assessment of your work. The Peer Leader in our course is Liz Langhoff. Liz is an undergraduate student who is studying education. Liz’s role is to assist in facilitation of in-class discussions. You may contact Liz at elanghoff@wisc.edu. Course Objectives You will begin to understand the purpose of the undergraduate educational experience You will be introduced to the purpose of a research institution and its impact on students You will strengthen your written and oral communication skills You will explore your transition into the University community You will be expected to examine your own identity and to think about your role in creating campus climate You will contribute to course discussions and actively engage with big ideas such as the purpose of a liberal education, future planning, and the meaning of the Wisconsin Experience You will be able to report and explain the importance of faculty and student interaction Required Text(s) 1. Suskind, R. (1999). A hope in the unseen. New York: Broadway Books. 2. Jones, T. (2011). Thinking ahead: a guide to college success. Reba Books. 3. Students are required to use their academic planner throughout the semester as a tool to assist you with your class organization. You received this planner during SOAR. 4. This course will utilize Learn@UW ( https://learnuw.wisc.edu/ ). You will need your NetID and Password to log into this site. This is where you will utilize the digital drop box for assignments, and can view course materials (including this syllabus) electronically. Attendance Students are expected to complete all assigned work on-time, to attend class, and to participate in class discussion. Consequently, attendance for this course is mandatory and will be taken at every class meeting. Any class period that is missed by a student must be cleared with the instructor before the class. It is up to the judgment of the instructor whether or not the absence is excused. Unexcused absences will result in a deduction from the final participation grade per absence. Course Etiquette
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KKCP125SyllabusOutline-1 - A Wisconsin Experience Seminar:...

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