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1. Agreement: Having all subjects match up. For example: The student likes to sit with their friends. Student is singular and there is plural, which does not match up. A simple fix would be either “The students like to sit with their friends” or “The student likes to sit with his or her friends.” An additional side note is that it’s usually preferred to make everything plural as having too many he/she variations can lead to a jumbled and wordy paper. 2. Citations. APA can be a bit tricky, but for in-text citations, they are done like this: (Author’s last name, copyright date, and page numbers if needed). Page numbers are needed only if the information you are taking from the piece is a direct quote (with quotation marks of course) or if statistics are used. 3. One additional small note about in text citations. If there are a lot of authors that wrote a piece, once you fully cite them all once, you can then shorten it to first author’s last name, et al. (Miller, et al., 2006).
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