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Nicole Katzman - Nicole Katzman You Can Only Choose Two...

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Nicole Katzman “You Can Only Choose Two” There are three aspects of life all college students strive for: good grades, a thriving social life, and sleep. However, each aspect is placed on one tip of a triangle and students feel forced to choose only two out of three . Most college students choose good grades and a fun social life, forgetting how crucial sleep is to life. This choice is proven by the National Sleep Foundation, which found that 59% of graduate and undergraduate students are sleep deprived (Millman, 2005). Many students feel it is necessary to take time out of sleeping patter n s in order to have enough time to do school work and socialize with friends. In the long run, this choice only negatively affects school performance and social mood. Lack of sleep directly affects social life and schoolwork by reducing attention span, confusing circadian rhythm, and forcing students to resort to unhealthy techniques to offset the loss of sleep. First, college students face an overwhelmingly larger workload and , in response , work into the late hours of the night. University professors and staff are very aware of these unhealthy habits, but still promote them with 24-hour library hours. Professors hand out ridiculous amounts of homework: 100-plus pages of textbook reading, outlining, and extensive and complicated worksheets. Professors then expect these sleep-deprived students to wake up and attend two-hour lectures at 9 o’clock in the morning. However, 54% of sleep-deprived students will skip class in the morning in an effort to get a couple more hours of sleep. The negative affects of sleep loss do not stop there: 46% of students end up going to class but fall asleep 1
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