maurices - If I had to dread going to work everyday it...

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Nicole Katzman Consumer Science 250 Jerry O’Brien Maurices Reflection Maurices Reflection Although I have never heard of Maurices, as soon as Jeanne Kucera began her presentation, I knew it would be an amazing place to be employed. The starting video of the businesses’ trip to the Bahamas for Winspire proved that their “corporate culture” was on family level. Group bonding, teamwork, and having fun were the main emphasizes of the trip. Upon graduation, I would love if my workplace gave off the same atmosphere that Maurices did. Vacations, bonuses, and friends are all amazing rewards for doing amazing work. I work better with my friends and people I am comfortable around. If I am comfortable, I am not afraid to ask questions or ask for a full explanation when I do not understand things. The ability to ask and fully comprehend only helps people work better. If that environment is brought to the workplace, I know I would preform better.
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Unformatted text preview: If I had to dread going to work everyday it would be very difficult. Maurices also has another amazing aspect to their :corporate culture”. Their headquarters are located in a beautiful town. It is a great place to work and live. Their stores are amazing from everything to the décor to the products being sold. They have flexible work environments, healthcare (including dental and vision), tuition reimbursement, and fitness rooms. This is amazing; the company is literally morphing health with work. Eating right, exercising, and my overall health are extremely important to me. If it could be brought into my workplace, I am pretty sure that I would never quit. In conclusion, I would love my workplace to be fun and enjoyable. If it is, then I believe I will work hard and to my full potential....
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maurices - If I had to dread going to work everyday it...

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