Soc-Lecture 6 Notes

Soc-Lecture 6 Notes - Sydney Hershman Soc: Lecture #6 &...

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Sydney Hershman Soc: Lecture #6 & 7 Recent U.S. History The 1950’s o Family was different from the ones that came before, and ones that came after…but not abnormal 1960’s to the present Baby boom and baby bust o 1960’s-Baby boom o Fertility was higher (among blacks and whites) was higher than any other time o After baby boom, there was a baby bust o Today, U.S. fertility rate is still at replacement level o Western Europe, population is sinking because this is not the case o Review the graph of baby boom and baby bust Divorce revolution o Be able to recall the graph o Started very low (5 divorces 1,000) and is continually growing (WW1, Depression are spikes in the graphs, psychological/social cost of the war in America) Early adulthood o New stage in the life course o Between youth and adulthood Overview (the next two lectures) Sociology of the Family o Scientific approach o Methods o Approaches Gender o Sex vs gender o Gender as role behavior o Variability of gender roles o Origin and maintenance of gender Biosocial perspective Socialization Doing Gender The Scientific Approach Objectivity o Drawing conclusions from data regardless of personal opinions, beliefs, or values. o Objectivity is difficult! It requires training, effort, and constant critical self-reflection “Why do you say that?” = which method have you used to arrive at that conclusion
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Don’t evaluate beliefs or political opinions…requires training Positive vs. Normative Statements o Positive: descriptive, factual—what is Ex1: “Most women believe that women should earn the same as men” is a factual claim about women’s beliefs. Calls for a scientific investigation. Can be checked empirically o Normative: opinions, values—what’s morally good or bad—what should be Ex2: “Women should ear the same as men” is a normative statement of how the speaker believes the world should be. Calls for moral, philosophical, religious inquiry.
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Soc-Lecture 6 Notes - Sydney Hershman Soc: Lecture #6 &...

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