Sociology Terms for Exam

Sociology Terms for Exam - Sydney Hershman Other...

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Sydney Hershman Other Terms/Ideas/Concepts to Know: Externalities: costs and benefits accruing to parties not directly involved in a transaction o Example: Negative-air pollution imposed on residents near factories, rise in medical insurance premiums imposed on insured by increase of uninsured individuals. Positive-herd immunity if enough people get vaccinated Public Goods: things that can be enjoyed or consumed by (almost) everybody without having to pay for their production o Example: Children-family educates children; educated children contribute to society, pay social security, Medicare taxes. Elder care-family provides care, so public doesn’t have to Boundary Ambiguity: “family-like” but not private or public families o Families of Choice: formed through voluntary ties among non-coresident individuals who are not biologically or legally related Example: friendship-based families of choice among upper-middle class gay couples o Fictive kin: in African American communities. Example: close friends of parents that become family like. Called “uncle” or “aunt” for example, but not actually related o Living apart together: Childless marriage like relationships, living in separate households Kinship: 2 types o Created o Assigned o Many different kinship systems throughout history and the world today Lineage: a group of people tied by decent o Lineality often coincides with inheritance Locality: where newly formed families live o Patrilocality, matrilocality, neolocality (couples sets up a new, independent
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Sociology Terms for Exam - Sydney Hershman Other...

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