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Short Paper Assignment - Short Paper Assignment Throughout...

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Short Paper Assignment Throughout history, the American family has been constantly changing. Since the 1800s, when the ideology of “separate spheres” developed, this social institution has profoundly transformed. Rather than the family being an economic unit comprised of specific gender roles and strict limitations, today, places of commerce exist outside of the home, allowing families to embrace the idea of individualism. Although in the past caregiving Americans were bound to the responsibility of providing emotional support to their families at home, today, some of this emotional labor has been outsourced to the market. This availability of emotional, intimate and caregiving services to families for purchase has removed the need for families to perform these services by themselves. The commodification of these services will lead to a fundamental reshaping of the American family because they have challenged the traditional separation between public and private life, making the family increasingly more public. While the fundamental structure of the American family has not changed, the dynamics have been altered in regard to how the family functions in society today. Childbearing is an essential aspect of society that allows for human evolution. Through the late nineteenth century, sex was established as an intimate and emotional act, and was the only known way for couples to conceive. However since the 1960’s, the value placed on sexual expression and gratification has continued to increase and sexual attraction and romantic love have become crucial criteria for choosing a spouse. Although
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Short Paper Assignment - Short Paper Assignment Throughout...

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