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Reaction Paper #1 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304 Wednesday January 25 Reaction Paper #1 The first reading from this week, “A World of Wounds,” discusses drastic changes that have occurred in the world, mainly during the twentieth-century, that have created “wounds.” During this time, human populations underwent enormous expansion and growth in regard to their production and consumption. While benefits in health, education and standard of living arose as a result of a booming economy, “these gains have been purchased at a huge cost to the environment.” Although this time period allowed human enterprise to be pushed, human influence has taken a toll on the environment and affected all natural systems in a way that has created harmful consequences, such as water shortages, global warming, destruction of agricultural land and the disappearance of diversity among wildlife. As developing countries continue to undergo rapid industrialization, it is clear that new environmental problems are simply replacing old
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Reaction Paper #1 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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