Reaction Paper #4 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304 Thursday February 16 Reaction Paper #4 In David C. Korten’s article, “Do Corporations Rule The World? And Does It Matter?” the effects of the “depletion or deprecation of natural, social, human, institutional, and even human-made capital,” are addressed in regard to how the loss of this type of capital is contributing to the loss of democracy. As Korten states it best, our present economic system is “destroying life to make money.” By discussing three themes, Korten identifies the problems in our economy that are pushing our country towards the destruction of the factors that have allowed it to prosper, our environment and democracy. The first theme, which speaks to the relationship between money and wealth, emphasizes that confusion that exists between the two. While most people consider them to have the same meaning, Korten makes it clear that having money does not mean that one has wealth. It is evident that people in the global financial system are willing to forgo the natural world because “by social convention we agree to accept in trade for things of real value.” In other words, we cannot measure the wealth of a thriving and healthy
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Reaction Paper #4 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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