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Reaction Paper #6 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304 Thursday March 1 Reaction Paper #6- Global Warning: Climate Change In Justin Gillis’ article, “A Scientist, His Work and a Climate Reckoning,” the issue that scientists have long known, which is that “carbon dioxide traps heat at the surface of the planet,” is addressed. Gillis emphasizes the risks that will cause profound changes from a dangerous carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. These risks include, “melting ice sheets, rising seas, more droughts and heat waves, more flash floods, worse storms, extinction of many plants and animals, depletion of sea life and- perhaps most important- difficulty in producing an adequate supply of food.” While from this it may seem obvious that some sort of change needs to happen in order to prevent these risks from becoming a reality, “many countries are reluctant to commit themselves to tough emission limits, fearing that doing so will hurt economic growth.” As the foundation for modern civilization is burning fossil fuels, virtually all of tools and modes of transportation that civilization has come to rely on to function are evidently the source of the heat-trapping gasses that can be found in the atmosphere. This reinforces what Dr. Keeling was able to detect in the late 1960s, which is that “the trend of rising carbon dioxide was undeniable, and scientists began to warn of the potential for a big increase in
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Reaction Paper #6 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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