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Outside Lecture #1 - Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304...

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Michelle Riesenfeld Section 304 1/31/12 Outside Lecture- Thomas Andrews The lecture that I attended today was given by Thomas Andrews, the author of the book “Killing for Coal: America’s Deadliest Labor War.” The lecture focused on a specific chapter in his upcoming book titled “Vehicles of Resistance? Horses, Native Peoples, Euroamerican Colonialism in the Greater Western Borderlands of North America.” Andrews, a graduate of Yale University and now a professor at Colorado University, has set out to analyze how animals have affected humans in different ways throughout history. By starting his research with the introduction of horses to North America in the 1500s, straight through to present day, Andrews discusses in his lecture just how much animals have impacted human civilizations, including the Indian, Mexican, and Mestizo people. Andrews makes it clear through his lecture that horses were employed by many different cultures in a number of ways and that natives reoriented their lives around
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