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Fieldwork Assignment - Michelle Riesenfeld Anthropology...

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Michelle Riesenfeld Anthropology 104 Fieldwork Assignment TA: Ellen Hebden Section 330 Fieldwork Assignment To some, Blue Mound State Park is just a beautiful park on the tallest hill in Wisconsin, just twenty-five miles west of Madison. However, for Stasia Grindle and her family, this park has a special meaning. It serves as the spot where she was able to learn about her family through the absence of real-life distractions and gain a greater appreciation of her heritage on annual family camping trips. Stasia is a twenty-two year old, Caucasian woman, who is the tenth floor Resident Advisor in my dorm, Statesider, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As we sat in the common area of the tenth floor and I asked Stasia questions about Blue Mound, I quickly learned of the significant impact that the park has made on her. Her family’s association with the park began with her grandfather. Stasia’s grandpa had grown up in the area that once was farmland, and owned some of the land before the state took ownership. Despite the fact that he lost the land when he was relatively young, Stasia’s grandpa began the tradition of taking his wife and children on camping trips there, which thus encouraged Stasia’s mother to continue the tradition with her own family. “Even when my parents were dating they would go on camping trips. Camping has always been apart of my family,” Stasia said. Stasia’s family would go on camping trips every summer for about a week and then again for “the last good camping weekend” in October, just as the trees were beginning to lose their leaves. Stasia informed me that each year as they reached the park,
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they would hike up a scenic trail that led her and her family to a site full of cabins and picnic tables. It was here that “you could see all of Madison.” Aside from learning simple survival tactics on her camping trips, Stasia also learned meaningful stories about her family. One story that Statsia informed me of was about her grandfather’s childhood farm, the area where Blue Mound now resides. Statsia’s grandfather lived at his grandparent’s farm throughout his childhood in the twenties and remembers his finest memories there, such as learning how to care for the land, as well as being able to spend more quality time with his grandparents than most grandchildren do. However at the peak
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Fieldwork Assignment - Michelle Riesenfeld Anthropology...

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