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Creating Judaism Pages 1-68 Introduction United Jewish Appeal slogan: “We Are One!” o What actually links divergent Jewish communities? Earliest understanding of Judaism is an existentialist one (there is an essence to the thing) o Judaism’s essence was the static, dead “law” against Christianity o Essentialist definitions can never explain or account for the diversity of Jewish religious life Jewish life is authentic Judaisms o Term used to describe the enormous variety of modern and contemporary Jewish life o Usually shift our focus from the essentialist definitions (that classify Jewish life as more authentic than others) to the diversity of Jewish practice and belief o Neglects diversity so Judaisms also neglect the aspect of unity Diverse, Jewish religious communities o Understand to be apart of the same “tradition” Recognize some legitimacy to the claims of other Jewish communities o Its diversity is easier to explain than its unity Not even religious community can be called Jewish Judaism is not a single phenomenon o Cannot be captured in a single, predominant narrative There is no “history of Judaism” although certain elements can be traced historically Judaism is rooted in Israel, textual tradition and religious practice Jewish identity o Locate oneself within the sacred history of the people of Israel
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Creating Judaism Notes - Creating Judaism Pages 1-68...

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