Light1 - ature Conver sion Calcula tor Kelvin Celsius...

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Light: Properties and Temperature Temperature see page 55 in the text book (pages 50-51 in the 2nd ed.) We measure temperature in the Kelvin scale   Fahrenhei t Celsiu s Kelvi n absolute zero -460 -273 0 air (nitrogen) becomes liquid -321 -196 77 water freezes 32 0 273 room temperature 70 22 295 water boils 212 100 373 surface of the sun 10,340 5727 6000 Here is a conversion calculator for temperatures. (Rankine is another temperature scale  that is seldom used in science. Just enter the value you want to convert in the  appropriate box and click on the  Calculate  button. All the other boxes will display the  equivalent values in the units provided. A few units may sometimes display ****** when  the value gets to be too large. Temper
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Unformatted text preview: ature Conver sion Calcula tor Kelvin Celsius Fahrenheit Rankine Light and Heat All objects emit electromagnetic radiation from heat. warm = dull red hot = bright red really hot = "white hot" Properties of this electromagnetic radiation from heat: 1. covers a range of wavelengths 2. emits more at one single wavelength (peak wavelength) 3. peak wavelength gets shorter for higher temperatures See figure 3.6 in the textbook for a better figure ! Here is a link to the figure. hot star . .............. emits mainly in ultraviolet Sun . .................. emits mainly in the visible (yellow-green) planets, people . ..... emit mainly in the Infrared...
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Light1 - ature Conver sion Calcula tor Kelvin Celsius...

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