Moon1 - = 28 days Moon rotates once each orbit ="...

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Moon Introduction The moon is not a planet, but it is another object in the solar system  which we know alot about. We will examine it is some detail. Then we will  step back and see what predictions we can make from studying Earth  and Moon about the rest of the solar system. General Properties size o about 1/4 the diameter of Earth density o 3.3 grams / cm 3 o less than earth => less metals reflection of light (albedo) o 7 % o does not reflect light well => rocky o Why does it look so bright ? . . . . . . . It is so close to us. age: around 4.5 billion years old o from radioactive dating of rocks Motions Moon always keeps the same side toward the Earth It does rotate, but  rotational period = orbital period
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Unformatted text preview: = 28 days Moon rotates once each orbit = " synchronous rotation " Figure 6.11 shows this motion as well. [Link to Figure 6.11] Not unusual caused by gravity and tidal forces CD: See the animation on the 2nd edition CD in the Chapter 6 gallery, p.1 [Link to animation on web - VERY SLOW download] Interior No magnetic field moon does rotate slowly => probably no liquid in core (moon is smaller - cools more quickly - all solidified now) very little evidence of seismic activity • few "moonquakes" • no volcanoes • no continental drift Figure 6.9 gives some more detail of this picture. [Link to Figure 6.9] flow of heat from interior => warm interior...
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Moon1 - = 28 days Moon rotates once each orbit ="...

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