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Surface gravity

Surface gravity - We find g of moon is about 1/6 g of Earth...

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Surface gravity We often want to know the force of gravity on the surface of a planet or a moon. Surface gravity is important for 1. shape of a planet (will be a sphere if gravity is strong enough) 2. keeping an atmosphere Surface gravity (acceleration) depends on mass of the planet o more mass => stronger surface gravity size of the planet o larger radius => weaker surface gravity mathematical form: g = G M / R 2 where g = surface gravity (acceleration), G = a constant number, M = mass of the  planet (or moon), and R = radius of the planet (or moon). We can compare "g" on the Earth and Moon: Mass of Earth is greater than moon . ........  expect that g of Earth is greater Radius of Earth is greater than moon . ......  expect that g of Earth is smaller => We can not actually know the answer without doing the math !!!
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Unformatted text preview: We find: g of moon is about 1/6 g of Earth Since weight is the force of gravity on an object. Your weight will change if you are on the suface of different planets. This on-line calculator will allow you to find your weight if you were on the surface of other planets: http://kids.msfc.nasa.gov/Puzzles/Weight.asp Remember, your mass does not change. Failures of Newton's Model Newton's laws do not work for • very large masses • very high speeds => we need a better model (although Newton's laws work well enough for almost everything we need in this semester) General Theory of Relativity • 1915 . ................ Switzerland o Albert Einstein developed General Theory of Relativity mass changes space and time around the object space becomes curved time slows down...
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Surface gravity - We find g of moon is about 1/6 g of Earth...

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