Wegener - Wegener's Suggestion Continental Drift A scientist named Alfred Wegener(who had been trained originally as an astronomer suggested in a

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Unformatted text preview: Wegener's Suggestion: Continental Drift A scientist named Alfred Wegener (who had been trained originally as an astronomer) suggested, in a book published in 1915, that the continents had at one time been in contact, and had subsequently drifted apart. His evidence was of three kinds: • the good 'jig-saw' nature of the continents, which seem to fit nicely together if allowed to move. For example, the north-western bulge of Africa would fit nicely between North and South America, if they were all three allowed to scrunch together; • the fact that there were identical fossils of certain plants and animals on the west coast of Africa and the east coast of South America, in exactly the locations where these areas would have been touching if we carried out the 'jig- saw' refitting just described; and • the fact that the geological stratigraphy in these locations -- the kinds of rocks present, and the layering and...
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