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Unformatted text preview: Yet More Evidence, and the Inference With the passage of time, more evidence accrued in favour of Wegener's bold hypothesis. For example: • it was found that the deep sea-floor was mostly bare rock. To see why this is surprising, visualize the Amazon river as it flows into the Atlantic. You may have seen pictures of this trubid brown flow, filled with silt from the runoff of the rich rainforests in the Brazilian interior. Over many hundreds of millions of years, this kind of process should have left the ocean bottoms deeply covered in accumulated deposits -- but that was not seen. Where did the accumulated material go, and what provided the fresh smooth rock surfaces? • the development of geochronology (the use of radioactive age-dating techniques) allowed geologists to determine the ages of rocks brought up from the sea floor. They discovered that there was an age gradient of a very telling sort. Consider again specifically the North Atlantic. It was discovered that the rocks nearest Europe and North sort....
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