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CGS3300_U06_Syllabus(2) - opportunities that contribute to...

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CGS3300, Sec.U06  T, 11:00-1:45pm, CBC 252 fgfgfgf GENERAL INFORMATION Instructor: Prof. Neera Bhansali Phone: (305) 348 - 3302 Office: Room RB 258B Fax: (305). 348 - 4126 Office Hours: By appointment Link to professor's site: http://business2.fiu.edu/ 0109852 /www E-mail: Please use Blackboard Course Mail fgfgfgf COURSE DESCRIPTION Successful organizations must deal effectively with intense global competition, a heightened focus on the bottom line, an increasingly rapid pace of change, and a close scrutiny of their ethical practices. For an organization to thrive in today's business environment, managers and functional specialists in all areas - accounting, finance, marketing, production and operations management, and human resources - must perform their jobs effectively, efficiently, and ethically. Information technology provides the tools that enable all organizational personnel to solve increasingly complex problems and to capitalize on
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Unformatted text preview: opportunities that contribute to the success of the organization. Introduction to Business Information Technology is based on the fundamental premise that the major role of information technology (IT) is to support organizational personnel, regardless of their functional area or level in the organization. The aim is to teach all undergraduate business majors how to use IT to master their jobs and to help ensure the success of their organization. The focus is not merely learning the concepts of IT, but rather on applying those concepts to facilitate business processes. fgfgfgf COURSE OBJECTIVES The purpose of the course is to provide students with solid grounding in business uses of information College of Business Administration - Enterprise Technology Center (RB 107) Tel: (305) 348-6259 | Fax: (305) 348-6882 | Email: [email protected] Copyright © 2006 FIU College of Business...
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CGS3300_U06_Syllabus(2) - opportunities that contribute to...

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