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Read Me First(1) - and Miscellaneous Tasks" from the...

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Welcome to CGS-3300. It is important that you complete the following tasks in order to have FULL ACCESS to the course shell. Since there are assignments and quizzes are due every week, it is not a good idea to waste a single minute. So I suggest that you complete these tasks as soon as you log-on to your course shell. Complete, Sign and Submit the Student affidavit according to the instructions. The Student Affidavit is accessible from Course Content Read the course syllabus and FIU Policies very carefully. Specifically read the " Very Important Information"
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Unformatted text preview: and Miscellaneous Tasks" from the course syllabus as you will be responsible for not following the instructions properly • Take the Syllabus quiz. The Syllabus quiz is available via Course Content o The syllabus quiz must be completed for a full score (2 points). o You have unlimited attempt to do this. Please retake it until you get a full score (2 points) Please enroll in the myITLAB environment using the document named "Instructions on accessing myITLab environment" provided in course content. Good luck and welcome aboard...
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