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Assignment 1 - Assignment#1 Abercrombie MAR 4231 Retail...

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Assignment #1: Abercrombie MAR 4231 – Retail Marketing Alexa Naranjo February 5, 2012
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1. American Eagle and Abercrombie & Fitch are two retail outfitter companies with a similar target market and certain coinciding retail strategies. However, as similar as they are, there are some qualities that set them apart. American Eagle targets teens and college students while presenting more affordable prices than A&F does. In addition, AE has a unique line under the brand name “aerie” within the AE store that offers dorm wear and intimate apparel. This is an obvious difference from A&F’s retailing strategies whose company owns a total of four retailing brands: A&F, which targets mostly college students, ages 18-22, and sells it’s clothing at a higher price than AE; Abercrombie, which targets young kids up to their pre-teen years and sells its clothing for a slightly lower price than the adult store but is still pricey; Hollister, which was opened to distract the teenagers from A&F stores whose clothing is very similar but sold for a lower price and marketed completely differently; Last is Gilly Hicks, a brand that sells personal care products and intimate apparel. Each of these independent brands owned by A&F was created to market a different group of
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Assignment 1 - Assignment#1 Abercrombie MAR 4231 Retail...

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