10Feb - A*ba.ng Cr^porn& A=fC I TSal A?t S=fC[= TC $=OU...

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?,e^r; "-t, F oxi/oA nw, S J^1,,,0 ( s l, al^hors !:t albhpg c*rVm,$;c a*il's zoo,l-hol,s IL k +r'"'a 3" Jpahots g X no ,ercF^ LaJ . u-idiz;,1 a3o^tc " V-.Crr)+ -' 1.u-ilrn. 01 @ N" We ,,* ^*^M 4- V)a^e' Wz res'"+;crs as id is cur^g\;"arLotr * U'^*e 'A *t1'oi -l't^tt cov{;'e' 1} r'itt bz i,n?orta*-H t-' "n*"'''U ^ "-4""k $r {"l^cse ru,.-hows'. A*l* i\tJ ou- 'r.rlls , : t >repte".t'-*"i'u--?'3rzt^9s C*3Fl*?- lo 1vtc-\1ru$ a"*\t',- (cltr)zu t-\ zo l ta\h5t at,.tv.'o' CcUltaS 3o +rit'^o+il/ a"""'^e $^^;r,^ a"r'e lq sic', sotaloLe i"-wa*"<;S fZ is s"na-[t -)-\ + i?toa+s wi\L. *,d" C*JJ*z * !t" > c*.utla lonr' pn,r nfucs o-'i'as3 1"*t Lc-is lorses UN^r^tO+ -3 LrrtL** #q lo ?€L ZotZ Pt. I ?r*' arr'r{,tr (terl) s{nro.3 bases: (C*3)zNt[ # ) / Qry)^'th i f > loJt a"ti trr lr*<- A'S 0- V9n4 N€&;-o;a' -) ( c t{ r)z }J: ( t v ir57arut[l\ l"n;sz
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Unformatted text preview: A*ba.ng\ Cr^porn&; A=fC I TSal-{ A-- ?t S=fC [= TC] $=OU A=(z- , B= oLl ,' ; -'., , all g6'nv;m i ; f +t+''s3t*e A Y:*B Uer* Lr"z.I,. Pt lo+-3 c€. #4 ,?-o rt ol*.h* cilE ':\ * e{'t^a"2! lcefcnc-u,rVr. .rv.];c-ALid .rL". o ll . ? C*Z"c--Cs3 Z-?*?"^e* o' ll c*>,,--o$ e@ o g l "*3-e\r'CHa.cils a+t11\ rrns{|,,a.,^ ""*e (.ilt lectV^'- rraLPa 8or v'e*.ni"3 es{v<5 l*|r,r) Ne E4^^' e7tr[ t g(. (+ vwol:c an {'{^i s so''n I ) TZ"ol,n {-i-^ oS u{h3t 6v,Poo-tt ( ,*nr" oS ariat^f'*,\ \ aF o.LcoVats ) Vet'*;q %nt" = LU'] -+ 3et Q-'." 1C.t& zL\ + *.- zjlg r.@?ffi&,, trh""t-'K ^JffiitHffi-,,"^,. ffi J n&u36 ce'nbt' Nl^Gtl+ Li A!. }t1 r ti{tr;u". "}rnni newr >repro,hc* (lor,,lt b^{-t"l,*,) -' bg axi/a'hur'' aS JclL'o[S ' &s (n*^on ,r)*r"ijaenk: hSd"ril-t sor[i.r^ baroh3#ir[e...
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2012 for the course CHEM 104 taught by Professor Tomasik during the Spring '08 term at University of Wisconsin.

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10Feb - A*ba.ng Cr^porn& A=fC I TSal A?t S=fC[= TC $=OU...

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