17Feb - Co^l"nt^f?ol3"c'

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Cl"** lo+'3 Lrol^r<# tZ t+ FeLzotz Pt. t on/\ ^"n-o,!" eq,-vJ;a 'o " l-oH 3o o tl 'C Co^l"nt^f *?ol3'"c'<s" ?ET - n l{0-C(.-clJe-o}t + Io l J t- o el I "-c&{ z-cuz-o-L{O-.tl z^V'o L A,nr{hs" '.a4 +" ,rrrd& & cov.dv,*saAt" J I no o&6v".t/c ,hr',{4^' Z ,t,fQ*a"{ -'i t t--- ttP -c-t-lot-t -::: r L--- "ils la*A- ad' /,r\ q Zn ,t^d.ec*le's \ron ^ Y'\ 'n46vaOrraa.c * n' YrAoU\O}"c'f t{"O / 6 " wrrlea^b" f.u,'r n ' Yl^oyf 6T'. .2K ?oLy*j S^*li,*'A 3-*Pt ["-[- 3+ L Jo= J" Pot '!*-+*+e- ?o;^^'Aes cnn/e'^sal'ctn {t $-t^ ar'^/\i(L t:nfcalcs J rall') o6wo'?1t\)>lirin 0 rr \e l-. J ,.., O .i- --,\ V lt l--- ---?- | ,^[rJL/-,t \ --L,l rA L rl*J -(.1,ilr)r--t]r-t4 (ur rrrlr,)+-eicl + ,{it'-(Lr[.)* rr--- \v r: .- - ----, r-f yt od;?"") d"t'.irb f-o r+ I jr'=-^enNsrJ{ } Z''-t{C{' -L tt J^ o NSt e*b1b | , b -Arvxa-*tA,iu,ni.r-e
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A^,'\'t-- \t" oS "5t rr^"' Nth b o '-"r tt .---- l{iN-(ctz[c+o* t-*+ - _ --r I | - l{ '-e A {.ld,rrl erv.^-*1v oQ pot5a^,^iates, LL%lo+-3 L,r*^'t Flz Pt.z {-cvb^c ) > ' b"$d- P,-Dt
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2012 for the course CHEM 104 taught by Professor Tomasik during the Spring '08 term at University of Wisconsin.

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17Feb - Co^l"nt^f?ol3"c'

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