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Chr* tO+ _3 Lec,\*r" * I A*rr.cenl,nls r' iss*e t 4 svrnl\me nf :€c; U^fr^ tjz7 - (pvrse harn<.gay t L+*t@ oW svt t taJartS I r jji^ ov\-livnr ho^er^r'rV q A,tasFecisChewris+rS z3 )a"r zot Z -?r; t I aprcS - rstie*r "S o rqami c- J lc;ne,h'es h<lp au.ilalob ;* CJ'l** r3?f,, 3-b gn, 23-zttJan . -_ r#"r*J-;$ o' "i z, aa.&o. . ic ha, rs{5 gui a - l tt ourrr-<"^:nfs { l*a. lalees OtjSC,,,ssiryr scc{r'o,tS Wts *erb- n" [at {dis r^reeL rdw *t abz .q P"8 b p.^. d.ria *t i,'r 7d o1i".,^.srla sechs' nnt'lwet.z,. hlrl.^^. t CJ"c.^ to+'3! chenic*\ t"'"a(;3 Jt"ranis+ry l1vnzn^"a/y l.a,r,tics ,L"ni. .a,[ *6ri [ib"i e{l u,iJ, { 6tu ibd,s{"3 e e,l,ec)+ooLev*ish.3 Dr.?"*lo?.co[, , ?picca\ie c]"ur^. r^ri sc' ulu<' Cl,vrr*;t\ Szoz OQPice h,o,^"s : AArtJ 1:3a'lo:3o b3 oPPt' 7"4- ,J';c,yrii-,a;l b.n/ir3 review, J^ . O
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d\ro,r, bo +' 3 Leclr"r< #t Pt. z Th.r. \trt oS cl^e' i cag t'-ls t Ia" ic ' ^lkn t"'T "F apg3sih"\ d,"ffJ, ians - $r*"rt, b5 "t".h {**Sgf Co,taLe"* - nch*,1[ - ,) z) 3) bcn ts $r^"o( bSk st"ar;tl 'S e.[<c'{runs bar^I, $.".r*.ot b,1 elce$rrnS +{"l- *rc oLL'- -{' ;; q*{it-*"xn -$4- ,,-a*eria\ Gl.lacelizd) brth c,lerrnt ^Fs oblaj n n obie 3^ c*'S5*"*t*-1' o't vi a- <,kctt'ut'Fra"ns\"r iZ<,*enh* - *C* <,ter-f'ans itlttv"'t ;^ hn^4lJ'5 a't-' ua)e"t<' et'ot"t^s - a*pnns ir.,ur\Veo( in b^""t;"1 wA{\,+ +- otl,.l,n ^. or l.JrL[. 'a;t <Ie-\-T^ .-"S3*oo$orn Er*,.pt.
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2012 for the course CHEM 104 taught by Professor Tomasik during the Spring '08 term at University of Wisconsin.

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23Jan - _ C hr* t O+ 3 Lec,\*r" * I A*rr.cenl,nls r' iss*e...

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