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l-[i"{r* ,$ N)4ctar Clner*islrrl - dart-Lin *d l-t r @ iz'At'c,.$-( ' ral,whn^ w,ar€ Sro/\ atis;^fe3to'{'--t nvclo*c N*t*- =l"bil;b *^ at'- - t fiSSt Crvl neu+rur\s $. Lo,lao,.A v*ut) $:#Affi#i: f) $;rt{ crao'Ao* aT Te (r*l a '.n-{tt,-^tb &cv"i'n1 e l'e''^o^t!) I 1?,,,t" + )^ =-2LT"Mol*f U (^,(p*"ess) '. os"lr in ',."J'i'u'\ i""a3; n3 T. Mo + -?, /9 n.,ra[ ct"'( S fob;\' t5 Cl^er^to+- 3 @ iZ^tl^o$"/ t L^^.ho-u('* e--I piIL *' ?,.,-h'eles 4 Tars"tu{"*-t'c'^ oF glc'tre^*S Jse trp 6l"nn T Senboi- a e-l.nttvt*s 231 r -f3, zfr- 2 q3Up --4 q+ Yn ';2u+ oF a-f*.,^,.s !a z+ <'ao+ lu :> rcpJslan F.w'^ pasif-vc &4es v *la' l{,.,is &\ ineFGLleP) Pczc,ess */f rn*''b Po ['rr-.l ii{trlo( cress Po{'r""s h'lr%' *b r^lio {oo t^:* "L1" nc'ln'^s lo Pnr+u s rptith^1 ,'S nuJ€ us lols *%1 @ 'fr,O+ Ln )!-.
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&.), +a o&r aLisc,^ssinn "R nde. lot ''$ - -' C-!yr,.ur,rO+ -3 Lec-,h"t - F 15 l. I t.l* [G]^ iltrr A oL.l<n n;,.J oxjocin^a^'\n [t3 ''' b*.lr\'ffi usg ,tl$$".o^J. r*ns @ "t;q't'era^* ctAct't*fra-Iittns + NO. -'-> CO- NO otHro"J^"^ d-.a.'mp t" ) Ir.i{ne. Tntlps l, ra.rfc vs. c*r,-etr*v-*irt^ Irn 1.3.*leJ, fuI. t-qr^rs : d,oncer,*.h-oA"tn v5' Fi t'^l- A -4 prr&"-fs + fi-- LLAJ aE 1 * orAec r)c!^: / \-" W units vs^e c**cJ I 3o {L"s 4Tlies l- LLl t fr[s o$ J'', afa'*t aF A, ol-*5 oF A, .fc ' ^qar u^^- V+ {. [,AJ ":' b Lll . co'*e,ea*<o|/'. .ra
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2012 for the course CHEM 104 taught by Professor Tomasik during the Spring '08 term at University of Wisconsin.

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29Feb - l-[i"cfw_r* l-t 3 Cl^er^to+- *d ,$ N)4ctar...

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