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Section # 10/21/11 CA100 Aaron Dowdell Midterm Course Feedback Assignment 1. In this course, I feel that these objectives have been thoroughly met. I approach the writing and organizations of my speeches from a new angle and take into consideration everything from how well the topic relates to my audience to how my writing will translate into spoken word. When listening to speeches, most of the time, I can determine the organizational method and can pinpoint transitions, signposts, and internal previews and summaries. Last, I feel that I have more knowledge about how to utilize my resources for researching my topic. 2. In this class, the hands-on approach really helps me learn the information. I am a visual learner so watching the videos as well as being the audience for
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Unformatted text preview: my peers helps me learn what to do and what not to do. 3. The class activities that have been especially valuable to me have been things like watching the videos on the television and watching my classmates speak. 4. In order to improve the teaching and learning in this class, I think we should go over in more detail the APS reading that we get assigned as homework. That will be helpful not only to our speech delivery and writing, but also in preparation for our midterms. 5. I cannot think of a class activity that has not been valuable to me! 6. To help me learn better, think that the content should be emphasized more than the length requirement....
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