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Carly Geller Assignment #1 Section #303 Word Count: 788 "I came to know afterward that in many ways it was a crime to be a Filipino in California. I came to know that the public streets were not free to my people: we were stopped each time these vigilant patrolmen saw us driving a car. We were the suspect each time we were seen with a white woman. And perhaps it was this narrowing of our life into an island, into a filthy segment of American society, that had driven Filipinos like Doro inward, hating everyone and despising all positive urgencies toward freedom." In Bulosan’s “America is in the Heart,” Allos, the young Filipino, experiences life as a minority in America. Allos notices the lack of acceptance and tolerance for Filipinos in America. Why is it that these Filipinos were viewed suspiciously when simply associating themselves with white women? Why is it that these Filipinos – clearly non- white – were stopped in their cars whenever a clearly non-Filipino patrolman noticed them? These unfortunate yet very real questions are proof that America is caught in a society that is based upon intense racial hierarchy classifications. In this passage, Allos’s pure innocence and naivety defined him until he realized that minorities are not freely or fully accepted in America. His belief that America was the “land of the free” and that many opportunities would be available upon arriving
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Writingassignment1 - Carly Geller Assignment #1 Section...

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