3rd test - Election of 1824-Candidates: John Quincy Adams,...

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Election of 1824-Candidates: John Quincy Adams, Henry Clay, William Crawford, Andrew Jackson. Called themselves Demo Repubs. Results: Jackson won majority of Popular vote. Electoral vote was split. House of Reps had to decide-chose Adams and Clay was appointed secretary of state. Jackson was furious since he clearly won among the people and wasn’t even chosen sec of state. Caused Jackson to be determined to win next election. Showed who really had power in the US-gov’t. Election of 1828-Jackson vs. Adams. Campaigns used a lot of mudslinging. Said Adams’ wife was born out of wedlock. Installed pool tables in White House with tax money. Padded expense account. Adams claimed Jackson was a murderer, a gambler, traitor, slave trader, mother was a prostitute and father a mulatto. Results: Jackson won-swept the west. Wife died a month later and blamed Adams because he broke her heart with his mean words. Andrew Jackson-Served 2 terms as president. A strong leader. 1 st democratic president. 1 st “western” president, 1 st president not from elite. People liked him because he was a “common” man not from elite. Casual. Began against Jeffersonian ideals. Uses Spoils System. Indian Removal Act to move Indians west. For states’ rights but not if it led to disunion. Bank Veto was major issue during presidency where he got rid of BUS. Pet Banks used to transfer funds from BUS to state banks. Nullification- Jackson for States’ rights but not if it would lead to disunion. 1828 SC proposes nullification in response to Tariff of Abominations which sets up problem which should have more power-states or federal gov’t? Theory says-each state has right to decide whether to obey federal law or to declare it null and void. 1832 Congress passes a new compromise tariff; SC led by Calhoun decides to nullify it. Passes a resolution forbidding collection of tariff in state. Jackson reacted strongly with force bill. Said that
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3rd test - Election of 1824-Candidates: John Quincy Adams,...

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