EXAM 1 REVIEW - XYZ Affair-Late 1700s. X, Y, and Z were...

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XYZ Affair-Late 1700s. X, Y, and Z were French agents. Adams was elected president. He was pro-British. French seized American ships. X, Y, and Z went to Talleyrand (French) to stop seizures. Talleyrand tried to bribe American diplomats. Instead, America cut off trade with France because of insulting America’s honor. This started an undeclared maritime war. Louisiana Purchase-1803. Jefferson as president. Napoleon feared an American takeover of Louisiana so he sold it to them for $15 million. Forced Jefferson to reconsider his strict interpretation of the Constitution-accepted it loosly. Sent Louis and Clark to explore the people, animals, and features of the territory. Purchase very controversial esp. with Hamilton. Caused increased party conflict. George Washington-1788 elected 1 st president of US. Had to “create” a presidency. Appoints a cabinet-Hamilton, Jefferson, Knox, and Randolph. Acts as law maker. Sets precedents for the presidency (inaugural address). Federalists- 1792 The 1 st political party in the US. Loose interpretation of Const. Led by Hamilton and Adams. Industrial. Significant because it was the 1 st political party in US. Very controversial because they didn’t like factions. Became the Federalists v.s the Democratic Republicans. Strong fed gov’t. Pro-British. Strong military. Mostly North- eastern bankers and merchants. Democratic Republicans- 1792. Led by Jefferson and Madison. Agricultural. Strict interpretation of Const. weaker federal gov’t. Pro-French. Opposed standing army. Mostly Southern farmers. Significant because between them and the Federalists, there were many events that caused party conflict. Whiskey Rebellion- 1794. West Pennsylvanian farmers protested Hamilton’s tax on alcohol. Washington had 12,000 troops to stop rebellion. Protesting Federalist ideas. Tax cut demand for corn whiskey that farmers brewed. Blames Democratic Republican farmers. Really angered the farmers. 1
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EXAM 1 REVIEW - XYZ Affair-Late 1700s. X, Y, and Z were...

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