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prob set 2 - 2b Describe in your own words exactly what...

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2b. Describe in your own words exactly what each of the centrifuge bands represents. Each centrifuge band represents a different double helix that has been replicated or formed from the original parent cell. It represents whether or not the strands of new DNA are an exact replication of the parent cell or if it consists of brand new nucleotides. If there is one red centrifuge band and one black centrifuge band, that would mean that from the parent’s red DNA, there was one exact copy and one brand new double helix formed. 3. Create a graphic timeline of replication events, including the vocabulary words. See attatched 4. What role does complementary base pairing play in the replication of DNA? In order for nucleotides to connect with each other via hydrogen bonds, there must be complementary bases to connect the DNA together properly. For example, adenine goes with thymine and guanine goes with cytosine. As the DNA unzips, there must be the complementary bases to form new DNA strands. The connection of
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