Spanish 203 Vocab ch 4

Spanish 203 Vocab ch 4 - El/la viudo/a- widower/widow Bien...

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Spanish 203 Vocab Chapter 4 Casarse con- to marry Castigar- to punish Criar- to raise, bring up Cuidar- to take care of Disciplinar- to discipline Discutir- to argue Divorciarse de- to divorce Enamorarse (de)- to fall in love (with) Estar a cargo (de)- to be in charge (of) Golpear- to hit Llevar una vida (feliz/difícil)- to lead a (happy/difficult) life Mimar- to indulge, spoil (a person) Pelear(se)- to fight Portarse bien/mal- to behave/misbehave El cariño- affection El castigo- punishment La crianza- child-rearing La disciplina- discipline El divorcio- divorce El/la hijo/a único/a- only child El/la huérfano/a- orphan El matrimonio- matrimony; married couple El noviazgo- courtship El/la novio/a- boyfriend/girlfriend; fiancé(e) La pareja- couple, partner
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Unformatted text preview: El/la viudo/a- widower/widow Bien educado/a, mal educado/a- well-mannered, ill-mannered Carioso/a- affectionate Malcriado/a- bad-mannered, ill-mannered El/la abuelo/a- grandfather/grandmother El/la bisabuelo/a- great-grandfather/great-grand-mother El/la bisnieto/a- great-grandson/great-granddaughter El/la cuado/a- brother-in-law/sister-in-law El/la esposo/a- husband/wife; spouse El/la hermano/a- brother/sister El marido- husband La mujer- wife El/la nieto/a- grandson/granddaughter La nuera- daughter-in-law Los padres- parents El/la primo/a- cousin El/la sobrino/a- nephew/niece El/la suegro/a- father-in-law/mother-in-law El/la to/a- uncle/aunt El yerno- son-in-law...
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Spanish 203 Vocab ch 4 - El/la viudo/a- widower/widow Bien...

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