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spanish 203 vocab tomatina - Tener que ver con to have to...

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La Tomatina Acercarse a- to move near to Agacharse- to duck (down) Aplastar- to squash, smash Botar- to dump, tip over Cargar- to carry; to load Ensuciar- to dirty, make messy Estar a salvo- to be safe Impedir (i,i)- to impede, prevent Lanzar- to launch, to throw Rendirse (i,i)- to give up, surrender Tener lugar- to take place
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Unformatted text preview: Tener que ver con- to have to do with Tirar- to throw La batalla- battle El caos- chaos El cohete- rocket El/la contendiente- combatant El desfile- parade La muchedumbre- crowd El objetivo- target La risa- laugh, laughter Alimenticio/a- (pertaining to) food Insoportable- unbearable Sangriento/a- bloody...
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