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composition 2 english translation

composition 2 english translation - not know that fish had...

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When I was young, I used to have many pets. I loved animals and I always asked my parents to go to the pet store so we could get more pets. I loved dogs and cats, but we already had three dogs and two cats, and my parents did not want anymore. One day, after I begged my parents, they agreed to take me to the pet store so that I could buy a fish. We went to the store and I picked out a big gold fish. We bought a fish tank for my new fish, and I was very excited to bring him home. I named the fish "Little Bear" because at the time, I enjoyed watching the show on television called Little Bear. A few weeks later, my family and I were going to leave for a vacation. I began to worry that "Little Bear" would run out of food while we were away on our trip. I was only five years old and I did
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Unformatted text preview: not know that fish had to eat special food, so right before my family and I left, I put a chocolate chip cookie in Little Bear's fish tank. This was a very bad idea, and while I was on vacation with my family, my fish died. When we came home, my parents told me the terrible news. I was devastated. It was my fault that "Little Bear" died because I put the cookie in the fish tank. This was my first experience with an animal dying, and although I was very sad, I learned an important lesson. I have to be careful when I am taking care of my pets. Ever since my pet fish died, I have been very cautious about my pets and I have made sure that they are all healthy and happy. I love my animals and I hope that I always take good care of them....
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