Chapter 1

Technology In Action, Complete Version (7th Edition)

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Jump to Navigation Frame   Your location: Assessments  ›  View All Submissions  › View Attempt  View Attempt 1 of 1  Title: Chapter 1 Started: February 6, 2008 1:56 PM Submitted: February 6, 2008 2:25 PM Time spent: 00:28:47  Total score: 25/25 = 100%   Total score adjusted by 0.0  Maximum  possible score: 25  1.   All of the following are widely used input devices   Student Response A.  keyboard and mouse B.  microphone and scanner C.  digital camera and PC video camera D.  printer and monitor Score: 1/1    2.   As computers become more a part of everyday life, many peop _____ is/are vital to success.   Student Response A.  computer programming B.  computer literacy C.  computer repair D.  all of the above Score: 1/1   
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  Industries use CAM to _____.   Student Response A.  shorten a product’s time to market B.  stay ahead of the competition C.  reduce product development costs D.  all of the above Score: 1/1    4.   Because _____ are components in larger products, they usually have limited hardware.   Student Response A.  telematics B.  embedded computers C.  handhelds D.  smart watches Score: 1/1    5.   _____ users use the computer network to process high volumes transactions in a single day.  
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