Chapter 5

Technology In Action, Complete Version (7th Edition)

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Jump to Navigation Frame   Your location: Assessments  ›  View All Submissions  › View Attempt  View Attempt 1 of 1  Title: Chapter 5 Started: March 13, 2008 10:53 PM Submitted: March 13, 2008 11:21 PM Time spent: 00:28:25  Total score: 25/25 = 100%   Total score adjusted by 0.0  Maximum  possible score: 25  1.   External fingerprint scanners usually plug into a _____ port.   Student Response A.  serial or SCSI B.  parallel or IrDA C.  serial or MIDI D.  parallel or USB Score: 1/1    2.   An ATM (automated teller machine) asks users to enter a passw called a _____, which verifies that the user is the holder of the bankcard.   Student Response A.  digital signal processor (DSP) B.  private origin signal (POS) C.  universal product code (UPC) D.  personal identification number (PIN) Score: 1/1   
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  Devices that capture data directly from a source document inclu the following except _____.   Student Response A.  optical scanners and optical readers B.  bar code readers C.  magnetic-ink character recognition readers D.  portable keyboards Score: 1/1    4.   The primary input device for a _____ is a pressure-sensitive dig which allows users to write on the device’s screen.   Student Response A.  Tablet PC B.  notebook computer C.  digital camera D.  desktop computer Score: 1/1    5.   The camera in a(n) _____ scans patterns of blood vessels in the the retina.  
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