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FM_Company Analysis

FM_Company Analysis - PLP SESSION I Date 1 Name and Roll...

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PLP SESSION I Date: 27/6/11 1. Name and Roll Number: Debroop Sengupta BM11076 2. Session in brief: The session initiated with a brief introduction to the course structure and elements of performance measures that would be critical for overall evaluation of understanding of the subject. This subject, Organization Behavior, is a full credit subject for the first trimester and is a key subject in the entire business management course module. The session discusses about performance and competencies. Performance of an individual or a group or an organization is the measure of its ability to achieve respective goals. Every individual or group or organization develops unique capability or attribute that cannot be imitated by others. These attributes are called competencies. In the session the concept of self was also discussed along with the significance of freedom. The day was concluded with an insight into the impact of lethargy onto the performance of individual. 3. What have I learned: In my tenure as a student of engineering, manager in an automobile manufacturing company and then as a consultant in an MNC I have observed instances how individual performance impact the group performance and group performance impacts the organization performance. In my course of organizational behavior I got an opportunity to understand the theoretical aspect of the organizational behavior. To my amazement, the course started with a small exercise where the individuals were segregated as different birds and they had to behave as that specific species of bird and group together. This was the very instance when I understood that learning is not only restricted to books and theoretical concepts but more practical insight on organizational behavior can be obtained from the animal kingdom through keen observation and correct analysis. I understood that performance is a key measure of our efficiency and effectiveness to reach our goal. I cannot chose if I perform or not but I need to justify all the responsibilities that are bestowed on me. The responsibilities on an individual, the responsibilities of a family member, the responsibilities of a member of the society, the responsibilities of a human being. I understood that lethargy is the main hindrance in our way to achieve our goals and to perform in achievement of the same. If someone has to perform and improve continually he or she has to get rid of lethargy. 4. Action Plan and evidence of behavioral change: Concept of more stringent Discipline Plan of action on day to day basis Daily evaluation and gap analysis Contingency planning and corrective measures
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SESSION II Date: 29/6/2011 1. Name and Roll Number: Debroop Sengupta BM11076 2. Session in brief: The session started with recitation of poem followed by performance from each group which was part of assignment for respective groups.
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FM_Company Analysis - PLP SESSION I Date 1 Name and Roll...

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