Literature on Right to Education

Literature on Right to Education - The Jamshedpur National...

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The Jamshedpur National Debate February 26, 2012 4:00 Welcome Address 4:05 Introduction of each Member 4:05 Give bouquet simultaneously 4:12 Deans/Directors speech 4:22 Dr. Ajay Kumar's speech 4:32 Call the teams to stage + introduce each of them 4:35 Introduce Mr. D.K. Modi + call him to the podium 4:36 Mr. DK Modi's introduction speech + rules 4:40 Handover by prianka 4:42 Debate Starts // time keeper Open Rebuttal Round 6:40 Invite Mr. DK Modi for a concluding statement 6:41 Concluding Statement by Mr. DK Modi 6:42 Vote of thanks to Mr. DK Modi 6:45 Give momento to Mr. DK Modi Evaluation of scorecards Certificates 6:50 Call Mr. Anurag to address the audience 6:55 Call Mrs. Geeta Suri to address the audience 7:00 Call Prof. Jomon to give a vote of thanks 7:05 Give momento to the judges 7:10 Announce the prize for students 7:15 Announce final winners *Request audience for putting cells on silent mode
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Welcome Address With confidence in God, put on the spurs and let the horse of life take you over stones and hedges, breaking your neck even but head held high, always without fear. With the same passion and fervor I welcome you all today to the Jamshedpur National Debate 2012. It gives me immense pleasure to thank each one of you on behalf of CII Young Indians for taking out time to grace this august gathering. As students of XLRI each one of us is constantly challenged to pursue not only academic excellence but develop a much required social conscience. CII Young Indians gives us the opportunity to contribute in unleashing the potential of the youth of the nation. Having the same objectives we wanted the students of Jamshedpur to gain maximum exposure by listening to some of the greatest intellectual minds from across the country. We thank all the participating colleges helping us achieve this endeavor. Please confirm sequence of guests.
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Literature on Right to Education - The Jamshedpur National...

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