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Standard Report Format - 1) targeted audience 2) what is...

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COMPANY NAME : (Tagline ) Website Industry Verticals Established In India since Domicile Operations in countries Employee Strength: Turnover Key People : Competitors General Information regarding Company…. . Company Profile Brief history. Mission of the company: Values of the company: KEY services or product line up and its Operations: Financials: EXCERPTS FROM THE CHAIRMAN’S LETTER: Market Size: Market Share: Name Of the Product Famous Advertisement(brief discussion) Competitor(in product ) Competitor (company) Company in India: Location:
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Key Person Any other Info… About the roles offered(I will let u know) : Company Culture(Work Culture in the firm) Any Famous or Major Advertisement (Mention it and state its
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Unformatted text preview: 1) targeted audience 2) what is communicated thru advertisement 3) if possible it U.S.P.(try getting from net, don’t analyse by urself we r not analyst) : U can provide link from u tube. .or from any other source Recent/ latest News in the last Quarter. Note: 1) AVOID paragraphs… keep bullet points. 2) Try to AVOID exceeding more than 5 bullet points under a single head. 3) Our objective is to make it CRISP , EASY to read and so can be read under tension. 4) Don’t exceed more than 4 pages. 5) U can deviate from the structure provided there is a relevant matter Any issues, pls contact me…. . 8092832974...
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Standard Report Format - 1) targeted audience 2) what is...

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