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Music 005 Spring 2012 Preliminary Assignment and Listening List Music 005 Spring 2012 Course Overview Tentative Assignment and Listening Schedule subject to change at any time for any reason see Angel for the most updated version Readings and Assignments are Due the on the Days indicated Week 1 Topic Listening Reading Assignments 01/09/12 Introduction: Listening to Music Syllabus and Outline 01/11/12 Discussing Music: The Elements, Sound, Melody, and Rhythm See Angel Week 2 Topic Listening Reading Assignments 01/16/12 No Class No Class No Class 01/18/12 Music in the Middle Ages: The Human Voice, Melody and Expression in Chant Chant See Angel See Angel See Angel Week 3 Topic Listening Reading Assignments 01/23/12 The Late Middle Ages and Renaissance: Tonality, Texture and Harmony Josquin Ave Maria Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass , Gloria excerpt See Angel 01/25/12 Musical Drama at the turn of the 17 th Century the Madrigal, Opera and Oratorio Weelkes “As Vesta Was from Latmus Hills Descending” Handel, Messiah “There were Shepherds,” “Glory to God,” “Hallelujah”
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Music_005_Spring_2012_Assignment_List - Music 005 Spring...

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