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EE316 Homework Assignment #1 (To be Submitted with Exam #1 ) Page 1 of 2 Part-1 Problem-A Draw a Schematic by Hand and Write Assembly Code to accomplish the following Task! Embedded Microcontroller: PIC18F4550 1.) Properly connect a SPDT Mechanical Switch to Bit-3 of Port-A , such that, this switch can be set to either a Logical “1” (5v) , or a Logical “0” (0v) . 2.) Properly connect a Red LED to Bit-2 of Port-B , and a Yellow LED to Bit-1 of Port-B. 3.) According to your Experiment Board Schematic , properly connect a 20MHz Crystal and Two Capacitors to the PIC18F4550 microcontroller. 4.) Properly connect the following controller pins for Normal Operation; Vdd, Vss , and MClr, according to your Experiment Board Schematic. See Pages 3 & 7 of your Experiment Board Schematic for Help! See the PIC18F4550_Datasheet_Pages_of_Interest Document Page 64 for help with General Purpose Special Function Register Addresses (Not the Same Addresses as in the Tutorial)! You may use
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EE316_Homework_Assignment-1 - EE316 Homework Assignment #1...

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