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EE316 Homework Assignment #2 (Due at the Time of Exam #2) Problem #1 Write a Microcontroller Program which will play the following through a Speaker. You can get a speaker from the 3 rd Floor EE-West Stockroom (EE316 Drawer). A file has been placed on the EE316 ANGEL website that lists the fundamental frequencies of the white piano keys contained in the middle “C” scale. The name of this file is the Piano_C-Scale_White- Key_Frequencies.xls. You are to create a PICBasic-Pro Language Program which will cause this Piano C-Scale to be played continuously from Middle “C” to High “C” and then back to Middle “C”, and Repeat 3 more times . Each note is to be sustained for a period of ½ of a second . Each time that a note is played its letter symbol must be displayed in the Liquid-Crystal-Display, in any position of your choice. This process is to be invoked only when the command C# is entered into the Keypad. Once this routine has been performed, the code must return to a
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