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Instructions_for_Creating_a_HyperTermina - Com2 9 Click OK...

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Instructions for Creating a HyperTerminal PIC Serial Communication Port in Windows Select the following in Windows 1. Start 2. All Programs 3. Accessories 4. Communications 5. HyperTerminal 6. Highlight the Red & Yellow Telephone Icon and type the Name PICCom2 7. Click, OK 8. Select Connect using
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Unformatted text preview: Com2 9. Click, OK 10. Be sure that the Port Settings state the following; Bits per Second: 2400 Data Bits: 8 Parity: None Stops Bits: 1 Flow Control: Hardware 11. Click, OK 12. Reduce the Size of the Communication Window and place it in the Upper Right Corner of the screen...
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