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Software Instructions for Programming the PIC Microcontroller Using WINPIC800 1.) Double-Click on WinPIC800 2.) Single-Click on Language 3.) Select --- Language 4.) Single-Click on Settings 5.) Single-Click on Hardware 6.) Single-Click on the Check Document Symbol Select --- JDM Programmer Be sure that the following is correct: Data, DTR, Inverted (Checked) DataIn, CTS, Non-Inverted Clock, RTS, Inverted (Checked) VPP, TXD, Non-Inverted To make Changes , Uncheck Blockade configuration. Then, to Remove Check Marks, Check the 3 Blocks located under Blockade configuration (Vpp2, vdd, MClr). Then Click on the Check Marks to be Removed or Added. Then Uncheck the 3 Blocks located under Blockade configuration (Vpp2, vdd, MClr). After changes are made, Blockade configuration must be rechecked 7.) Single-Click on Apply edits 8.) In order to Program the Microcontroller
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Unformatted text preview: , a New Hex File must be loaded into WinPIC800 . This is accomplished by clicking on File, and then, Open. This Hex File is Located on your USB Memory Stick or your P-Drive Space , in the Folder which you created. Select this HEX File and Click on Open . 9.) Be sure that PIC18F is selected in the Upper Arrow Drop-Down Box . 10.) Be sure that 18F4550 is selected in the Lower Arrow Drop-Down Box. 11.) The following Boxes, within the WINPIC800 Settings Tab, must be Checked ; MCLRE, USBPLL & VREGEN. All Other Boxes must be Unchecked . Be sure to properly setup the Three Oscillator Drop-Down Boxes, within the WINPIC800 Settings Tab, based on the Laboratory Experiment Requirements & the Compiler Code. 12.) Select Device Erase (Erase All) 13.) Select Device Program (Program All)...
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