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Software Setup Instructions for Running Microcode-Studio-Plus In-Circuit-Debug These Instructions are for use with the PICBasic-Pro Compiler, Only ! 1.) Double-Click on the Microcode Studio Plus Icon 2.) Single-Click on File 3.) Single-Click on Open 4.) Single-Click on the File to be Compiled 5.) Single-Click on Open 6.) Single-Click on Project 7.) Single-Click on ICD Compile 8.) Follow the Instructions for Programming the Microcontroller with WinPIC800, using the New HEX File which was created with
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Unformatted text preview: ICD Compile. Microcode-Studio-Plus In-Circuit-Debug can work thru the COM1 or COM2 Computer Cable. However, the Cable of choice must be connected to the Experiment Board’s Serial Port Connector (P2) in order for In-Circuit-Debug to work properly. Use the 4 Blue Buttons, which are located at the top of the Microcode Studio Plus Window to Invoke the In-Circuit-Debug Feature. The Buttons are: “Run” “Stop” “Pause” “Single-Step” (Left-to-Right)...
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