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CHAPTER 1 DEVELOPING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS AND VALUE THROUGH MARKETING MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1-1 CHAPTER OPENING EXAMPLE: ROLLERBLADE DEFINITION Fusion, Core, and Lightening are: a. the three primary competitors of Rollerblade, Inc. b. companies that make in-line skating accessories. c. companies that provide world-wide in-line skating vacations. d. in-line skate innovations designed and marketed by Rollerblade, Inc. e. nicknames of three professional in-line skaters. Answer: d Page: 7 Rationale : Fusion and Core products are targeted at the fitness segment and the Lightning product is targeted at the speed segment. 1-2 CHAPTER OPENING EXAMPLE: ROLLERBLADE CONCEPTUAL In the 1980's, marketing director Mary Horvath and Rollerblade succeeded in popularizing in- line skating. The primary challenge to Rollerblade, Inc. in the late 1990's and into the next century will be: a. protecting itself from liability for all the in-line skating injuries. b. tapping into the preschool segment of the population. c. getting the aging population to try the sport. d. dealing with an increasing number of competitors. e. setting up the Extreme Games Competition twice a year. Answer: d Page: 7 Rationale: Rollerblade, Inc. has over 30 competitors as the 21st century begins. One danger of being successful in launching an industry is the increase of competition in the industry. 1-3 CHAPTER OPENING EXAMPLE: ROLLERBLADE DEFINITION When Mary Horvath took over marketing for Rollerblade skates, her first task was repositioning. This means she had to: a. change consumers' perceptions of Rollerblade skates. b. implement strategic marketing planning. c. develop new products and new markets for Rollerblade skates. d. sponsor an event that would create publicity for Rollerblade, Inc. e. determine if a market existed for Rollerblade skates. Answer: a Page: 7 Rationale: Repositioning the product means changing the image people have in their minds about the product. 2
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1-4 CHAPTER OPENING EXAMPLE: ROLLERBLADE APPLICATION Rollerblade, Inc.'s strategy changed from the late 1980's to the late 1990's. Applying this change to other companies and their marketing strategies suggests that organizations should: a. find a winning strategy and stick with it. b. search continuously for ways to provide value to customers. c. change strategies every ten years to avoid getting complacent. d. not pay too much attention to customers since they often change their minds. e. focus on the shareholder of the company and the strategy will follow. Answer: b Page: 7 Rationale: The future of a company relies on an in-depth understanding of the customers. In order to survive, organizations must search continuously for ways to provide value to their customers.
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