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CHAPTER 2 LINKING MARKETING AND CORPORATE STRATEGIES MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 2-1 DEFINITION Ben & Jerry's is primarily a marketer of: a. Woodstock memorabilia. b. chocolate chip cookie dough franchises. c. all natural ice cream. d. programs to save the Amazon rain forests. e. all of the above. Answer: c Page: 28 Rationale: The web page illustrated on page 28 states that Ben & Jerry’s mission is to make, distribute, and sell the finest quality all natural ice cream and related products. 2-2 CONCEPTUAL Ben & Jerry's Rainforest Crunch ice cream is representative of the founding partners' concern for: a. environmental and social responsibility. b. profits above everything else. c. human relations and employee welfare. d. return on investment by Latin American shareholders. e. amicable relations with the U.S. government. Answer: a Page: 29 Rationale: Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield developed Rainforest Crunch ice cream to help raise money to preserve Amazon rain forests, and also to provide income to aboriginal people in that region. Although they reportedly ran into a snag when some of their suppliers of Brazil nuts raised their prices substantially, this product is representative of their environmental and social concerns. 2-3 CONCEPTUAL In its workplace Ben & Jerry's has: a. committed to paying a livable wage. b. improved its employee benefits. c. sought to purchase its supplies from socially responsible suppliers. d. all of the above. e. none of the above. Answer: d Page: 30 Rationale: All of the options described in a, b, and c are part of Ben & Jerry’s social mission in its workplace. 64
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2-4 ORGANIZATIONS CONCEPTUAL Large organizations are often extremely complex. To deal with them, it's useful to understand: a. the two basic kinds of organizations. b. the levels that exist in them. c. the functional areas and cross-functional teams. d. all of the above. e. none of the above. Answer: e Page: 30 Other Locations: SG Rationale: Understanding the kinds of organizations, the levels that exist in them, and the functional areas help understand large organizations. 2-5 BUSINESS FIRM DEFINITION DEFINITION A _____ is a privately owned organization that serves its customers in order to earn a profit. a. business firm b. nonprofit organization c. government agency d. public university e. household Answer: a Page: 30 Rationale: Text term definition—business firm 2-6 NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION APPLICATION The goal of PartnerShops (operated by Ben & Jerry's) is to provide training and job opportunities for at-risk youth. Since the company does not have a profit goal, it would be an example of a: a. for-profit service provider.
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