TEST 1 - CSC TEST 1 Need book for lab Microsoft office 2010...

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CSC- TEST 1 1/23/12 Need book for lab!! Microsoft office 2010 Introductory by Garry B Shelly & Misty E Vermaat ISBN-13: 9781439078389 ISBN-10: 1439078386 Book for lecture!! Discovering Computers Complete ISBN-13: 9781111530327 ISBN-10: 1111530327 Chapter 1: Intro to Computers What is a computer? How is a computer defined? o Electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory. Accepts data collection of unprocessed items Processes data into information conveys meaning and is useful to people Produces and stores results (Data)-> Computer -> Information->(stored) The Components of a Computer Input: Ex of input: type a text, type in email, take a picture o Phone call when you type the number (input) when other person answers (output) Data- raw text that doesn’t make sense Information- data that makes sense (after the raw data has been processed) What is an input device ? o Hardware used to enter data and instructions Ex. Keyboard, mouse, microphone, camera, scanner What is an output device? o Output Device Ex. Speaker, printer, monitor What is the system unit ? o Case that contains the electronic components of the computer that are used to process data Processor: Also called a Central Processing Unit (CPU) o The electronic Networks and the Internet What is a network? o Collection of computer and devices connected together, often wirelessly
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Used to share -> resources-> Hardware device-> software programs-> data-> information-> Saves time and money What is the Internet ? o Worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of businesses governments agencies, educational institutions, and individuals Global network of networks o WWW- World Wide Web Collection of websites (webpages- are connected to each other) o Email- also on top of internet… sends through the internet to the receiver o (Voice over ip) voip- skyp: voice over internet protocol Computer Software What is software ? o Consists of a series of instructions that tells the computer what to do and how to do it o Also called a program Ex. Apps: series of instructions tell the cell phone what to do (when you tap, swipe)! Games, website, information, music Categories of Computers What are the categories of computers? o Personal computer- desktop o Mobile computer and mobile devices o Game consoles o Servers- it can connection several different computers at one time o Mainframes- used by enterprises that need more powerful computers o Supercomputers- used crunching data, like mainframes o Embedded computers- computers that are embedded into other devices Ex. Computer in car Internet Services Services that use the internet: www., VoIP, Search Engines, Email DNS: (Domain Name Server): translates the domain name into an IP address Censorship on Internet : (no right or wrong answer) Pros: Free speech, Cons: can cause harm or be hurtful to others Web 2.0 Attributes of web 2.0 sites
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TEST 1 - CSC TEST 1 Need book for lab Microsoft office 2010...

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