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Operations Management_Question Paper - Introductory...

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Introductory Information 1. Please give a brief description of your organization: i. What is the structure of your organization? (Divisions) ii. What are the products of your organization? Products Type Application Monthly Volume iii. Who are the major customers of your products? Product Customer Annual Take Off iv. Who all are the major suppliers of raw material? Product Raw material Supplier v. How is the raw material sourcing done? Supplier Parts Supplied Location Share Of Supply vi. Please provide a brief layout of the Plant. vii. What are the manufacturing facilities of your organization? Machines Numbers Products Daily Capacity viii. What is the Manpower distribution in your organization? Divisio n Supervisory Staff Permanent Associate Temporary Associate ix. What are the safety stock levels of the raw material? Descriptive Information 1. What is the long term sourcing strategy of your organization? 2.
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Operations Management_Question Paper - Introductory...

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