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OMEGA Inference Organic Structures result when an organization makes these choices. Joint Specialization: (Employees work together and coordinate their actions to find the best way of performing a task) The new industrial engineering member said on each day he worked with different departments such as shipping, mechanical engineering etc. This shows that at Omega, there is no individual specialization and they expect everyone to know at least a bit about everything. Jim Rawls called a meeting with all department heads at almost all stages of the contract. This helped them coordinate their actions to find the best way of doing it. Suggestions for substitute components also came up. This ensured the on time contract delivery. Complex Integrating Mechanism: It is almost like a team when the department heads meet with Jim Rawls. Direct contact method is also used predominantly since there are no written memos. In Jim’s words – “the plant is small enough that if people want to communicate, they can just drop by and talk
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