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Management - j It will be your responsibility to ensure that I can read your answers using Windows MsExcel 2007/2010 Please open the file in the

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MIS Quiz 1. Duration – 1.5 hours 2. Maximum marks – 35 3. You will solve the paper using your own laptop. 4. Syllabus – Topics covered in the 3 rd – 9 th session. 5. Special Instructions a. I will upload an excel file, Q.xlsx in the AIS at 2:00 PM on the 15 th of February. b. You will download it from the AIS before you come to the examination hall. c. The Internet will not function in Father Prabhu Hall, so you cannot download it sitting at Father Prabhu Hall. d. The file will be password protected. e. The password will be revealed to you before the start of the exam. f. The questions will be given in that file, Q.xslx. g. You must remove the password of the file Q.xslx. h. You will solve the problems in that file, Q.xslx, and save the file as <rollno>.xlsx. i. Copy the file in your pen drive as soon as the exam is over, and give the pen drive to the invigilator.
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Unformatted text preview: j. It will be your responsibility to ensure that I can read your answers using Windows MsExcel 2007/2010. Please open the file in the pen drive once, after you have copied it from your hard drive. k. Upload the file after you go back to your room. l. Do not delete the file from your hard drive even after you upload it. 6. Other instructions will be given in the excel file (Q.xslx) that I will upload in the AIS. 7. Please ensure that your laptop is fully charged and you can work without any problem for 90 minutes. 8. If the invigilators detect a pen drive attached to any of the laptops while the exam is underway, it will be considered as a case of cheating. 9. You must also ensure that Bluetooth is NOT ON in your laptop. Any such incidence will be treated as a case of cheating....
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